EMX will be supporting the Australian team Flair and MIE Racing Electric, Japan, at the 2023 FIM E-Xplorer World Championship

May 9, 2023

EMX Powertrain is excited to announce that two teams will be riding with EMX XF30 bikes at the 2023 FIM E-Xplorer World Championship! The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is a great platform for electric all terrain motorsports. With a total of 10 teams, each will compete with one female and one male rider at extroadinary places around the globe.

It’s our greatest pleasure to contribute team Flair Australia. Rhianna Buchanan and Jack Field will be riding the XF30 bikes. Riding under the Japanses flag with Midori Moriwaki’s leadership, the MIE Racing Electric team with Spanish riders Sandra Gomez and Jorge Zaragoza will also be competing with EMX XF30 bikes in the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup!

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