Is the EMX XF30 available worldwide?

The XF30 is available anywhere in the European Union and: Israël, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and the UK.

Where can I get an EMX bike?

Distribution of the EMX XF30 and other products will be handled by authorized dealers.

Does EMX Powertrain offer street legal bikes?

Our goal is to produce street legal motorcycles in 2024.

Why is the EMX XF30 more expensive than existing motocross bikes?

There are a number of reasons why an electric motocross bike cannot (yet) be built for the same price as existing bikes running an ICE powertrain. The main reasons the XF30 is more expensive than the usual motocross bike:

– New cutting edge powertrain technology
– A reliable, high quality and high capacity battery pack with an unprecedented dirtbike-specific layout.
– It’s a unique, low volume, handbuilt product, developed and built-to-order in The Netherlands

It’s also important to consider running costs of an electric motocross bike are substantially lower than those of a conventional motocross bike (fuel costs, maintenance, etc.).

Furthermore, there are a number of objectives in engineering the XF30, which distinguishes it from other electric-powered options. This mostly comes down to creating an electric motocross bike, which is no-nonsense:
– Balancing power and handling to provide an authentic motocross experience
– Lasting high power delivery due to optimized water cooling
– No hidden costs: what you see is what you get
– Extensive aftermarket compatibility because of the Yamaha platform

Can I take it on a test ride?

When there will be events or other opportunities to test the EMX XF30, this will be communicated on the website.

Is Yamaha involved in EMX Powertrain?

Yamaha is a supplier of chassis parts to EMX Powertrain, which is its own entity and not a part of the Yamaha brand. EMX Powertrain is responsible for designing, engineering, and building the XF30, including the implementation of parts from suppliers, such as Yamaha.


What are my price options?

Retail price for €14.500,-
Pre-order price for €100,-
The remaining amount of €14.400,- will have to be fulfilled before delivery at authorized dealer.

What makes the EMX XF30 exclusive?

Producing locally in The Netherlands nearly every part of the bike is hand-built and of very high quality.

How do I pay for my EMX XF30?

We only accept payment through bank transactions and offer a variety of providers to do so.

Can you provide financing options?

We can only accept down payments and fulfillment as described above. We do not provide or accept any other financial constructions.


How much power does the EMX XF30 have?

The maximum power output of the EMX XF30 is 40 bhp.

What is the expected top speed of the EMX XF30?

The bike as delivered will reach a top speed of 95 km/h.

Does the EMX XF30 come with different mapping options?

The EMX XF30 will have a mapping switch offering three different characteristics. One will be used for standard riding around, providing the best range and endurance. The second option will offer a more enduro-type characteristic, with increased engine braking and more lenient power delivery. The third and last option will give you the XF30 at its raciest: riding at full power with maximum performance.

What is the range of the bike in any of the modes?

This is different for every case or scenario. Range does not just depend on the ride mode, but also on the conditions and the rider. If you’re riding in the most durable mode, this will give you roughly two hours of riding. When racing at a motocross track, the XF30 rides for about 30 minutes.

Can I get an extra battery and swap it myself in between motos?

As the battery isn’t an integral part of the frame, it is interchangeable.

How long does it take for the battery to be charged?

The EMX XF30 comes with a 3kW power adapter capable of charging the battery in 1.5 hours.


When will the EMX XF30 be delivered?

If you order one of our limited edition series XF30’s, you can expect your bike to arrive in 2024.

Which delivery condition apply?

This can be found in the terms and conditions.

Where can I find my dealership to pick up the bike?

Before delivery you will be informed about and contacted by the dealership that will take care of the delivery process.

Service and maintenance

What maintenance is required?

An electric motorcycle such as the EMX XF30 requires less maintenance than a conventional bike. Basically, this is limited to cleaning the bike and servicing the brakes and chain. Cleaning and servicing can be done by yourself. Repairs to the powertrain can only be performed by a qualified specialist dealership. The XF30 comes with a service manual, providing instructions on how to perform the cleaning and basic maintenance. It also explains which maintenance should be performed by a specialist.

How do I know when to service the EMX XF30?

At delivery, the dealer will provide instructions on how to use and maintain the bike.

Where do I go for repairs?

The dealership can provide all necessary parts to repair the XF30.

How can I become an EMX dealership?

Please reach out to us through the contact form.

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