EMX Powertrain writes history in FIM E-Xplorer World Cup

May 13, 2023

MIE Racing Electric, racing with the Japanese flag, takes victory in the first ever race in Barcelona.
At the opening round riders Sandra Gómez and Jorge Zaragoza made history by winning the very first race ever. Their MIE Racing Electric team, with Midori Moriwaki’s leadership, is competing in the first season of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup aboard with the EMX XF30 bikes from EMX Powertrain. EMX Powertrain is very proud to support the teams Flairriders and MIE Racing Electric with XF30 bikes!

Sandra Gómez
“I am very happy. Winning in this first round was amazing. Jorge [Zaragoza] and I joined the championship at the last minute, but we competed very well together. My teammate helped me to go faster with some motocross advice, and I gave my best today. We adapted really well to the bike, and we were able to achieve a great result for MIE Racing”.

Jorge Zaragoza
“When the team asked me to compete with them in the FIM E-Xplorer, I had no doubt as I believe this is the future. The team did a great job, and the bikes are very competitive. I felt comfortable from the beginning, and I adapted quickly to the bike and the track, as it was similar to motocross. I’m so happy for this historic first win in the championship”.

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