EMX-PRO Technology

Our technology is engineered to raise awareness for electric motocross and demonstrate the potential of electric motocross.

The fuel engine and all associated components are stripped from the YZ250f chassis. This chassis provides the basis for a tightly steering EMX bike so that it can be used under the most extreme conditions. During the first track tests the EMX-PRO proved agile and light, grip in the turns and stable in the straight sections of the track.

The special battery pack developed for the EMX-PRO suits for a bilateral beam aluminium frame. The quick swappable battery makes it easy to change the battery pack and thus enables continuous operation. An external charger can be connected to a 230V socket.

The electric motor is liquid cooled and is linked to a clutch-free single stage helical gear transmission. The secondary chain drive has a standard gear ratio. A liquid cooled controller controls the electric motor.

The electronic throttle with soft grip gives the rider full control over the power delivery. On the left side of the handlebar the mapping switch allows the rider to choose between three power modes and the option of control the rear brake with the riders’ left hand and right foot.